Efforts to upgrade Illinois’ legacy enterprise resource planning system–to the tune of $250 million–are jeopardized by political gridlock.

The state of Maryland received $200 million from the Federal government to upgrade its technology, $14 million of which will be used to build a new suite of applications for the health and human services field.

The Department of Health and Human Services recently became the first agency to release an information technology strategic plan since the enactment of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). The plan assesses where the department stands with its use and management of IT and outlines how it will improve by 2020. HHS spends […]

Oakland’s Rent Adjustment Program released a new Web app that streamlined the rental complaint process. The RAP website provides residents with information regarding rent increase laws, their rights as tenants, and the eviction process.

Geographic information system software company Esri has pledged to donate $40,500 worth of data collection and sharing software to winners of the National Institute of Justice’s Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime grant program for combating opioid and heroin abuse.

In 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched Vision Zero to end traffic-related fatalities in the city. Three years into the initiative, the mayor’s office released a new report touting how data analytics has helped drop traffic accidents and fatalities to record lows.

The state of Utah is bracing for a surge in connected vehicles and the advent of autonomous vehicles, as well as the plethora of cybersecurity challenges these cars present.

Axon, the body camera division of police technology firm Taser, recently released a gun holster sensor designed to solve the problem of turned-off body cameras.

Prince George’s County, Md., on Monday released two new open data sets and plans to release another set in the coming weeks. The first two data sets contain information about agency performance and the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative. The data sets will have updated versions of city information that was released in August about citizen complaints and requests.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts gave a $75,000 grant to MassRobotics, a company that encourages robotics startups, at the opening of the company’s collaborative workspace on Feb. 28.

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